Nervous System & Special Senses

Step 1: View Clinicals

{"ops":[{"insert":"A 66 year old man presents with abnormal behavior for 1 month. He has become highly suspicious of his neighbors, without just cause. Further questioning reveals a history of worsening forgetfulness for 6 months, including losing his way in his own neighborhood 3 times.\n\nHis medical, psychiatric, and family histories are unremarkable, and he is not on any drugs or over-the-counter medications. He does not smoke, drink, or abuse recreational drugs.\n\nHe consumes a normal diet, including red meat and fish. He has been sexually promiscuous throughout his life, with the most recent relationship just 2 years ago.\n\nHe underwent a routine check-up 3 months earlier, at which time a complete blood count, serum electrolyte assay, and renal, thyroid, and liver profiles were all found to be normal.\n"},{"insert":"\n"},{"insert":{"image":"\/storage\/case-images\/pd\/PD-M-072_en.png"}},{"insert":"\n"}]}

Step 2: Order Relevant Investigations

1. Mini Mental State Examination
2. MRI Brain
3. STI Panel
4. CSF Analysis

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